Beating Bipolar is an interactive internet based programme that aims to improve understanding of the condition. It includes video of professionals and people with lived experience of bipolar disorder and discuses various approaches that many have found to be beneficial.

What users have said about Beating Bipolar:

‘This is a great introduction to bipolar. It is extremely valuable to have a walkthrough guide like this.’

‘Beating Bipolar online course was very encouraging, thought provoking’

‘The information on this website is some of the best I have come across and as I sometimes struggle with concentration, the video format is perfect.’

8 interactive modules cover the following topics:

  1. What is bipolar disorder
  2. What causes bipolar disorder
  3. Medication
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Relapse prevention and early intervention
  6. Psychological Approaches
  7. Partners, Families and Carers
  8. Women and Bipolar Disorder

Beating Bipolar gives you…

  • Free access to the 8 online modules
  • Convenience and Flexibility – participate in the programme when you want to
  • A "Personal Portfolio" storing information you have entered
  • Access to an on-line forum moderated by an experienced clinician

Beating Bipolar cannot provide…

  • Response to a crisis situation
  • One to one session with a therapist
  • This treatment may not be appropriate for those currently experiencing an episode of illness
  • All the answers to complicated or detailed problems

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